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Welcome to the rebirth of the beard grooming culture and the age where to trim beard has became a fashion. It’s so clear that you would see almost all Hollywood actors, stylish athletes sporting a meticulously trimmed beard these days. Even the CEOs aren’t left out. You will spot them too in corner offices and towers. And if you are to be honest with yourself, you are ready and eager to join the beard wagon, here is how to trim beard do it right now and always.

How to trim beard:

Tools you need:

  • A good and high quality clippers to trim beard.clippers to trim beard
  • Wide tooth comb or a good hair brush to detangle beard.Comb and scissors to trim beard
  • A pair of scissors for detailing.
  • Beard oil to apply after you trim beard for smoothness of beard.Beard oil

    Short beard trimming:

  • Start by visualizing the beard you want.
  • Comb out your short beard to detangle the hairs.
  • Take off larger hairs on the cheeks by using a shorter clippers size.(most clippers have different measures so use relatively short size according to your clippers). To get close to the skin on the sides of the cheeks.
  • Now set the clippers size to a bit longer. And trim beard hair on the chin with longer clippers size. This will make cheeks and chin hairs to blend smoothly.
  • Use a pair of scissors to shape the moustache. Trim from the upper lip line and shape it according to your style.
  • After that tidy up your cheek and neck line for a clean beard look.
  • Finish any detailing with a pair of scissors.
  • This is how you do short beard trimming.
  • Now finish it off by applying beard growth oil for smooth beard.

Long beard trimming:styles for long trim beard

  • For trimming long beard again start by visualizing the style you want. Longer beards need more visualizing and always decide the style you want before starting to trim beard.visualizing the beard
  • Comb or brush the beard to detangle all hairs.combing long beard for trim beard
  • Tidy up cheek and neck lines first.perfect trim beard
  • Cut away all the stray hairs from the moustache.cutting stray hairs from moustache
  • Determine the size and shape of moustache you want and use a pair of scissors to style the moustache.
  • We suggest you to trim the moustache with a pair of scissors if you are doing it yourself.
  • Now determine the length to trim beard and gently begin to cut a few hairs at a time.
  • Cut a few hairs at a time according to the style you decided.trim beard cutting few hairs at a time
  • After you trim beard always apply oil to keep your beard smooth and healthy.